Waitaki Summer Music Camp
Recording of Concert Saturday 12 January 2019
1.    Franz von Suppé, Light Cavalry Overture
2.    Alfred Reed, El Carmino Real
3.    Henry Purcell, Music from The ‘Faery Queen’  (Prelude; Air; Jig; Air; Monkeys’ Dance)
4.    John Ritchie, Suite No.1 for Strings  (Air and Triptych)
5.    Edward Elgar, Pomp & Circumstance March No.1
    Jean Sibelius, Symphony No. 2
6.    I. Allegretto
7.    II. Tempo Andante, ma rubato
8.    III. Vivacissimo, IV. Finale

All tracks use Mp3 encoding. The Sibelius has a huge dynamic range. Some quiet sections will be inaudible on tiny computer speakers. It sounds fantastic on my home Hi Fi. I can create a compressed version if anyone asks.
If you have difficulty playing these, other complaints or suggestions please email me.

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